It was funny at first. The Drumpf. Like, “haha isn’t it so sad that people are actually following this guy?” It was entertaining in the catastrophic way that Bravo television shows are. It’s a train wreck. You catch the highlights from speeches (read: rants) and your jaw drops and your eyes widen as you think to yourself this guy cannot be for real. How is someone not jumping on stage and muffling him? 

It was funny at first. As other candidates drop out and he gains more momentum the reality of an oompa-loompa with a bad toupee becoming the GOP front-runner and nominee terrifies me. The state of our union cannot be this low. The idiocy that flows from his mouth is unconscionable. The smug looks and low-down, dirty jabs he makes toward others are unreasonable and excessive.

It was funny at first. The wall, the digs on a female competitor’s face, his ridicule on a war hero, his future First Lady campaign. Who is continuing to vote for this evil? He can barely construct a comprehensible sentence. I have no faith in his ability to budget for a nation, maintain international relations, provide for the needy here at home and abroad, protect our veterans and active duty military. I have complete faith that we will be in absolute peril and demise if this is to be our future.

It was funny at first. Now what?


  1. Kim K · March 6, 2016

    Oh god. We are planning our exodus out of this place if that mop head becomes president. The state of the union indeed. I love this slice.


  2. ccahill2013 · March 7, 2016

    I enjoyed this one. What you did very well here was state specifics – which is the opposite of what he does. I know that historians are the only ones who really understand this. When will the world learn from its mistakes?!


    • hintsofhildy · March 7, 2016

      Well, I did call him an oompa-loompa. That’s not entirely accurate 🙂 But, thank you!


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