Summertime Sunshine

So, when I got this class it was August, still summertime for most of the country. I wore my sunglasses often. I wore them into work, at recess, and out of work. When they weren’t on my face they were on my head. That summertime sundance didn’t last very long. Leaves turned orange and brown and the temps fell lower than flip-flop comfortable.

Today was the first day since, maybe, early September that I wore those same sunglasses. When I slipped them on my face something changed. I remembered how much I LOVE the sun. I thrive in the sunshine. I can actually feel my cells come alive and my spirit soar. I am someone different when those sunglasses come out.

When I got this class in August one of my students told me, “Mrs. Hildebrand, you are different. You always wear sunglasses. I like strawberries, do you?” Well, yes, dear one, I do like strawberries and your wandering mind has caught something unique about me. I “always” wear sunglasses.

Living in Arizona I thought maybe it was just an appendage to my suntanned body. I would be sitting around the fire pit at night with my friends and they would all chuckle about how I still had my sunglasses atop my head. It was something that I came to be known for – those sunglasses. They were tangled in my curls. They were resting on my head, comforting the thoughts that try to escape. They captured who I was on the inside and showed it on the outside. I was shouting to the world, “I wanna dance with somebody!” I was singing my own anthem and living my dream. Since I’ve moved to Illinois the sun doesn’t shine quite as bright.

I use those sunglasses during spring and summer. When they are put on my face I become someone I recognize. Funny, how some people use them to cover up their identity and yet, my true character comes alive when they become a part of me again. I am the Maverick behind those aviators. When they are not on my face I don’t quite feel normal. The sun isn’t shining.

Without the sunshine my soul is a little darker. My world is a little less sparkly. Without those sunglasses I have to remind myself that same sentiment that was uttered to me earlier this year. “Mrs. Hildebrand you ALWAYS wear sunglasses.” That’s right, girl, I sure do. It’s a choice to see the sunshine.


  1. Mandy Robek · March 9, 2016

    We had sunshine here in Ohio today too and it did perk up life. I enjoyed rereading this line – I can actually feel my cells come alive and my spirit soar. To more sunshine days…


  2. Reese · March 9, 2016

    What an interesting slice. Isent it interesting that something designed to dull the sun is a reminder of your personal connection to it. Great read!


  3. rosecappelli · March 9, 2016

    Objects can spark so much writing or bring back memories, and maybe reveal a little something about ourselves. Thanks for sharing how sunglasses tell so much about you!


  4. Leigh Anne · March 10, 2016

    I had to laugh at the part about keeping them on top of your head. That is exactly what I do with my reading glasses. The last thing I take off at night and the first thing I put on in the morning.


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