My Final Rose

He picked Lauren B!

Oh. My. Goodness!


I know, I know. I am a sucker and a sap. I follow the Bachelor and it’s totally cheesy. I am a proud member of Bachelor Nation. There are so many fake moments brought to you courtesy of ABC and their producers. But, I cannot help but believe that there are real, live, true feelings under all of the fancy clothes, crazy cool dates and dramatic moments.

Watching this season with Ben H and Lauren B it was palpable. It was undeniable. This was the first time while watching the show that I felt it was true love and it was a clear cut winner.

Love is comfort. Love is silliness. Love is tough conversations. Love is second-guessing and then realizing the undeniable truth. Love is crying and laughing and then yelling and laughing again. Love is always coming back to one person. Love is giving strength to someone else when you need it. Love is choosing them.

Love is also farting under the covers at bed time. Love is peeing with the door open. Love is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. Love is scratching hidden parts of you in the living room while watching basketball and drinking a beer. Love is morning breath. Love is smelly feet at the end of a long day. Love is burnt dinners and full tummies.

Finding my clear cut winner not on national television was just as exciting as the final rose tonight. It looked a lot more like crappy beer, wild college parties, cheap dates, and tons of embarrassing moments rather than the glitz and glam of The Bachelor. I wouldn’t trade one messy minute with this perfect man of mine.



  1. rosecappelli · March 15, 2016

    What a romantic you are! Your contrasting paragraphs made me laugh! Love is all those things you say…and more.


  2. Leigh Anne · March 15, 2016

    This is hilariously beautiful. I did not expect the turn to your own life. Wonderful comparisons!


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