A Shiver of Sharks

I am pretty sure I have the best coworkers on the face of the planet!

I have the luxury of working at an ultra tiny school. Like, there are 5 teachers tiny. Like, I can whisper in one end and you can hear me at the other end tiny. Like, yes I gained 1 pound tiny. Like, I know every kid and their entire lineage tiny. Like, we have to do every committee and extra duty tiny.

In all seriousness, there are so many benefits to working at a small school. There are countless times when I love my little hole at Spaulding and the comfort that comes from the community that we’ve built. I love the coming home feeling I have when I go to work. The best part of where I work is the people.

Tonight I left my phone unattended for 20 minutes and I came back to 22 missed text messages! This is crazy! I immediately swiped into my inbox, worried something was going on. I scrolled up to the newest messages and began reading. In seconds I was cracking up, laughing out loud at the ridiculousness that was playing out among the group text message with my colleagues. We were all adding our own personalities into this swirl of sarcasm and bitching and honesty. Each individual was represented in this streamline of texts with their unique personality coming through in the words they wrote. Since I joined late I got to take a step back and appreciate just how awesome all the people I work with are.

We are all so different but we are friends nonetheless. We are there for each other in the tough times. We make each other laugh. We can seek advice and challenge each other to become better. We confide in each other. We rely on one another when our kids are sick, when we oversleep, when we have to leave town, when mother-in-laws are monster-in-laws, when our own mind becomes our own worst enemy, when we break our leg and have to stay in bed for a month. This tremendous group of ladies is my lifeline to sanity most days and I am so thankful that we all accept each others’ crazy!


  1. Kim K · March 17, 2016

    You wrapped up all that is this tiny school so precisely. The good to the more challenging parts. Having that support system is vital and let’s be honest. Some of those text threads have kept my grip on my sanity during this limping pain in the arse time that is my life.


  2. elsie · March 17, 2016

    That is small, but the bonus is they have become like family. More can be done when all minds are on the same wave length. Sounds like a great place to spend so much of your time.


  3. Stacey Shubitz · March 18, 2016

    A teaching staff of five?!?! WOW! That sounds like it can help you develop a special camaraderie. How lovely to work with such a great bunch of ladies.


  4. Leigh Anne · March 18, 2016

    Wow! That is tiny, but what a great environment and support system to work in. Doing what you love each day with people you love being around is a great situation to be in.


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