My Little Rachie

We’re here! For a little while everything in my life is perfect. Just for tonight I’ve got everything I need. Except one thing is missing – my little love bug sister.

I am in Seattle, in my childhood home, with my husband and my parents. The sights, sounds and smells are all familiar. They are comforting and nostalgic. Old memories surface, stories are shared and smiles are cast across all the faces in this warm home. With all this joy I can’t help but reach out for that one piece of my puzzle that is missing.

Coming home for me usually means crawling under the covers with Rachel and giggling all night. It means teriyaki dates. It means coffee twice a day – once when I wake up and again when she wakes up around noon. When I come home I raid her closet, “borrowing” things I like and she is over. I bring her gifts and buy her lunch. We reignite our sister connection and embrace each other’s weirdness. Our bond grows ever closer as we drift to sleep, our legs and  entangled in each other, me twirling her hair and we both whisper, “stop touching me.” But really what we are saying, what we both understand, is, “I miss this.”

I wish my puzzle piece was here with us tonight.


  1. Leigh Anne · March 18, 2016

    The puzzle isn’t complete unless all the pieces are in it! My sister and I are only a year apart so I can so relate with this. Great slice.


  2. Kim K · March 18, 2016

    Your missing puzzle piece.. you have the best phrases and analogies. Love that. Hate that you’re missing a piece of you. 😦


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