Rochelle Josette

Rochelle and I grew up together. We have known each other since we were in Kindergarten and I would like to tell you that we’ve been friends that long but that would make me a liar and I am not. Being friends with Rochelle is something I always dreamed of. And I was turned down numerous times. The most memorable time happened when we were 5 years old, in kindergarten, and participating in some kind of social studies lesson where we brought items to school to barter and trade with other students. I remember getting up the guts to ask the pretty blonde girl if she would trade with me and when I did she looked me dead in the eye and said, “no.” Alright, I learned a couple of valuable life lessons there in the middle of the story time rug -people will not always give you what you want and Rochelle is as stubborn as they come. That girl knows what she wants as well as what she doesn’t want. Paul, tru to keep this in mind as you go through this marriage together.

I spent the next 7 years wishing I could be part of Rochelle’s trading circle. By the time 8th grade rolled around I had finally accepted my place in the hierarchy if middle school popularity rankings, let’s just say I was not near the top. I was a gymnast and Rochelle was, well, definitely not. For some reason, as a mystery to all of us, she joined the team that year – I’m still hoping she did it because she secretly got paid or something. One day, as the team was warming up, somehow Rochelle ended up sitting next to me in the stretching circle. I’m not sure if it was out of awkwardness or boredom or just pure awesomeness but we ended up singing random songs together, busting out Whitney Houston and some show tunes and thus stated a decades long friendship. I learned a valuable life lesson there in the middle of the gymnastics floor – people are not always what you think they are and Rochelle is as wonderful as they come. That girl can light up your life.

She is someone I have come to describe as carrying a little sparkle with her wherever she goes. She can make just about anyone happy so Paul – you are in luck. You will be smiling for the rest of your life with this one by your side. She has a heart the size of this galaxy. She often wears the joys as well as the sorrows of those around her. Rochelle is generous with her time and is one of the most fiercely loyal people you could ever hope to meet. She will never do you wrong, Paul.

If I can quickly offer you some advice as you enter this lawfully wedded is with Roche by your side I have a few things I think you should know. You are going to need a lot of Kleenex in the house – she sheds some tears now and then. You will also need to learn to tread lightly when changing plans – that’s not her favorite thing. You’re going to want to invest in a walk-in closet for her glassy baby collextion, her shoes, purses and countless floral tops. You will need patience for when she goes from 0 to 100 on the crazy scale in the blink of an eye. As quickly as it started it wI’ll be over and she will be cuddling up to you and telling you she’s sorry. But, a word to the wise, don’t try to cuddle with her too quickly. If she’s not ready – ain’t nobody ready. Also, you’re going to want to prepare your heart to be enveloped on love. The longer you spend with her the harder it is to get out, her love is stronger than gale force winds. You’re going to want to dobthi ng s that make her feel special, as if you heard what she said, because she is always listening to you. You’ll see – she remembers everything. Most of all, you are going to want to try, I mean really try, to let her be who she is and show her that is who you fell in love with. I am so happy for the two of you and I wish you many years if happiness!



  1. Kim K · March 20, 2016

    If this was your moh speech you knocked it out of the ballpark! Love!


  2. hintsofhildy · March 20, 2016

    Thanks, Kim! It was my speech šŸ™‚


  3. bjdonaldson · March 20, 2016

    What a wonderful tribute to a life-long friend. I can tell she is really special to you, and I think Paul must be a very lucky guy, too. Thank you for sharing this letter from the heart.


  4. Samantha Marquardt · March 21, 2016

    This was a lovely tribute to a dear friend. I can imagine how touched she was by your words!


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