Eye of the Tiger

Lately I’ve been searching for an adventure. I am looking around each corner, searching under every rock to find an excuse to explore and do something crazy, exciting, and frightening. I am not someone who is comfortable being comfortable.

I have always been this way. I (and I’m sure my parents) thought that I was just reckless. I would abandon all reason and leap from the highest cliff I could find on our family trips to the ocean. I would jump onto anything with a motor and take off without a care in the world. I would try out for new sports, never having had a lesson before. To my mother’s horror, I would sing at the top of my lungs during Christmas caroling. Sparkles, bandages, leotards, helmets and casts adorned my body for most of my adolescence. I have never met a challenge I didn’t like. I thrive in new situations. I throw myself down deep, dark caverns of life so that I can show my muscle by climbing my way out. Think Rocky at the top of the steps – that’s me with just about every avenue of life.

When I’m in the midst of these challenges I berate myself for my continuing stupidity saying, “Dude, why do you always do this to yourself? You had it just fine and you had to go and throw a wrench into it.” I spend a day or so like that, feeling pity for myself and thinking I’m crazy for self inflicting wounds. As I start my climb up the other side of said life adventure I start to gain momentum. I begin to see the top of the steps. I remember the feeling of standing in the sun with my arms over my head, jumping up and down to my own victory song. When I reach the top, my need for adventure, for challenge, for growth is fulfilled and the perma-smile on my face says it all.

Not all of the adventures I seek are so involved. Some adventures are short, like going to the rodeo and wanting to ride a bull and settling for a mechanical one. Others are more involved, like pursuing a Master’s degree while working 2 jobs and planning a wedding. Whatever it is that I decide to take on I jump in head first, fists swinging and I’m ready for one of these mountains to land in my path. I’m ready for another victory lap!



  1. Kris · March 28, 2016

    This describes you perfectly and is one of the many reasons I am incredibly proud (and scared spitless) to be your mom. By the way, crocheting is immensely challenging. I highly recommend it for your next adventure.


  2. travelinma · March 28, 2016

    Driven is what you call it with a twist of curiosity and adventure. You have a mindset of filled with persistence and grit.


  3. Samantha Marquardt · April 1, 2016

    First off-I love the song “Eye of a Tiger” and my favorite line is where you write about Rocky being at the top of the steps and that is you at every avenue of life. Great use of word choice.


  4. Tom Foth · April 2, 2016

    Just getting caught up on your blog posts… let me suggest your next adventure is doing stand up comedy… I think I may have mentioned this before… like dozens of times.


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