Down a Rabbit Hole and Out Again.

My feet hurt. I didn’t get to eat dinner. Not eating makes me cranky. I guess bits of a blueberry scone from Saturday will do. I already sat down in bed and I don’t want to get up to take out my contacts, brush my teeth and wash my face. I have 3 unanswered emails… from last Wednesday. There is a stack of papers waiting to be graded. I feel unprepared for a meeting with a parent tomorrow. I hear the wind outside my window taunting to keep me up all night as it blows in a thunder storm. I didn’t even get time to love on my Sadie girl today.

I have a blueberry scone that a regular customer brought me on Saturday morning. I put in brand new contacts today and they feel like heaven, I almost forgot I was wearing them. I made great money and got home relatively early tonight. I didn’t eat dinner and I’m not even cranky. Not eating makes me skinny. My sleepy husband cuddles up next to me, gently kissing my arm over and over again. It is so good to be loved. This same man is going to hold me in a few hours when I tremble with fear from the storm. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a parent and we have a lot in common: we both care about her kid. I know that I am doing the best I can for my students. There is room in this bed, Sadie girl can come cuddle for just a minute.

One comment

  1. Karyn B · March 7, 2017

    I love the way you turned the negatives to a positive. It is so hard to do and somehow you did it.


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