Don’t Piss In My Yard

Today it was brought to my attention that I continue the crusade of being blessed by a Resting Bitch Face. 

I thought that I had outgrown this facial dilemma; I haven’t heard grumblings of it in years. At minimum I had outgrown the stage in life when peers judge based on looks. I mean, by this point in life people have experience with enough individuals to see and understand that what lies beneath the surface of someone is typically not what is seen at first. I expected this to be exceptionally true in the field of education. 

Well, I guess I was wrong. I reckon I have been judged by my lack of smiling. I suppose my small circle of thick-as-thieves friends has given the impression of exclusion. My confidence has given some crowds an uneasy feeling of cockiness where it is unwarranted. What a terrible feeling. What a sad view for anyone looking to make friends or share life with like-minded individuals. I can’t help but feel poopy for myself because my main goals in life are to appreciate each moment with the people around me, to inspire positivity and to spread joy!

When this information was shared with me today it gave me a strange sense equivalent to being outside of my own body and watching the reaction someone else was having to mind-altering news. It was like this person was describing someone else. It couldn’t possibly be me.

Anyone who knows me understands that I am one of the most loving, caring, positive, and mother-effing hilarious people you will ever meet. I am deliriously loyal. Of course, I speak my mind and rarely do I back down, but it is driven by my passion for my moral compass. I accept everyone for who they are, for whatever path they have traveled. I recognize that not everyone comes to the table with the same experiences or expectations that I do. I respect the differences in others around me and I guess that’s why it hurts to know that I haven’t been regarded with the same decency. I follow my arrow, I don’t expect your arrow to have the same trajectory as mine. It would just be great if we didn’t collide halfway to the target.

Pissing in my yard ain’t gonna make yours any greener.



  1. Kim K · March 11, 2017

    As someone with a very well developed RBF and overall VBV (very bitchy vibe) I simultaneously want to love and hate this post. You are one of the most fun and bouncy peeps I know. Well written as always and inducing emotions all over the place. Who shall I put straight? 🙂


  2. pamlingelbach · March 11, 2017

    I am often accused of RBF as well, but I’m normally just on my own planet or uncomfortable in the social setting. Oh, well. I guess if that’s the worst thing people say about me…


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